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VIVO X21 Price | Specifications | Release Date | Features

VIVO X21 Price | Specifications | Release Date | Features

VIVO X21 vivo official release of the vivo screen fingerprint phone the X- 21 # of @M deer M version of the warm-up video, # # Luhan communicate with rap the way the X- 21 full screen, the next screen fingerprint and other features, but also hinted March 19 in Wuzhen The X21 will have a mysterious surprise. Mysterious surprise will be the deer appear at the conference site? 

Photographing is still the main feature of the vivo X 21, using the front and rear of 24 million pixels photosensitive unit. From the official release of proofs, the output size of the photos is still 12 million pixels, so here's 24 million pixels should be the same as vivo X20, but also 2 × 12 million pixel synthesis. And it will continue its powerful backlighting camera technology, with the help of natural light, background board and other functions can make people's face brighter and clearer in the scene of the backlight, and the two functions of the new AR cute shooting and video beauty are obvious. It is tailored for female users.
It is reported that vivo X21 will have the standard version and the screen version of the two models launched, will be officially opened on March 24, as to whether the price is 2998 yuan and 3498 yuan in the legendary.
img antutu confirms vivo x21 specs

It can be seen that the so-called full screen is still using a bangs design similar to the iphone X. Vivo X21 series uses a 6.28-inch 19:9 FHD + HD profiled full-screen, rounded corners of the screen are cut. The left and right black borders of the final screen are only 1.66mm, the upper black border is 1.79mm, and the width of the bottom chin is only 5.08mm, which realizes a larger screen with a screen occupation ratio of up to 90.3% without changing the size of the mobile phone.

 You can see that the prototype has a post-fingerprint unlock and camera. According to rumored new machines will be released in two versions. One is the standard version of the post-fingerprint identification, and the second is the upgraded version of the fingerprint fingerprint under the screen. Prior to this, the vivo X20Plus UD became the world's first mass production model equipped with under-the-screen fingerprint technology, and it is reasonable for the X21 to use this technology. Visible for the first time vivo used double-sided glass body design, from the perspective of modeling seems to be 3D surface technology, holding a prominent sense.
 Recently, the fingerprint version of the vivo X21 screen appeared for the first time on the foreign sub-site Geekbench. According to records, the aircraft equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platform, single-core 1608 points, 5852 core multi-core. At the same time, it uses 6GB of running memory and runs Funtouch OS based on the latest Android 8.1 system. As for whether the next-generation version of Funtouch OS is not yet known.
 Need to explain, although in the run minutes show vivo X21 and X20 are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, but it is reported that vivo will be combined with Qualcomm custom AI chip for the X21 series, or named Xiaolong 660AIE, is expected to have a lot of AI Promote.
Vivo official has revealed that the X21 will use the current hot fringe shaped full screen + very narrow chin design, the rendering also shows that the top retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, so the independent Hi-Fi chip is still one of its selling points.
 In addition, the latest news shows vivo X21 will be the first time to use a double-sided glass body design, from the point of view seems to be 3D surface technology, holding a prominent sense, while the back with a vertical double-vertical top left. The X21 back fingerprint version still extends the X20's rounded rectangular fingerprint area.
 According to the official vivo X21 proofs released, bokeh and backlighting are still important selling points for the X21 on the camera, but in addition, AI camera features may be added.
 It is worth mentioning that the spokesperson of vivo X21 is still watching a lot. Based on the original Peng Yuxuan, Lu Yong, and Zhou Dongyu, a brand new spokesperson Wang Jiaer was added with the title of “vivo music ancestral”. The four spokespersons held the vivo X21 and showed a good proportion of new screens.

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